Industrial crane rental

Crane rental with operation from 14 to 3000 metric tons.

Specific maneuvers

A service that includes logistics, engineering and certified operation cranes to execute any kind of lifting.

Project execution

A service that includes engineering, specialist advice, machinery and specialized labor for long-term construction projects.

Business alliances

Specialized transportation services and offshore projects executed through our commercial partners PESADO TRANSPORT and ESEASA OFFSHORE


We are committed to the sustainable development of our country, promoting our own growth and that of the community around us. Everything we achieve is done by working as a team going through the same objectives and with the professional ethics of being the leaders in the field.


Civil construction

Second Floors


Marine platforms

Research and Developments

Large Millimeter Telescope

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas


Combined cycle
Wind power


Those of us who are part of the ESEASA Construcciones Team share the vision of being a consolidated company that allows us to be leaders and the most competitive in the specialized lifting services area, with state-of-the-art equipment manufactured with the best technology, offering our clients confidence, safety and quality in the execution of our service.


Team 1

Truck Cranes

This equipment is a combination of a light crane with a flatbed truck, which makes it suitable for lifting and transporting loads by itself. For jobs in the city and confined places, it is the best option because it is very compact and has a long range.
We have capacities from 14 to 32 tons.

Team 1

Rough Terrain (RT) Cranes

Mounted on oversized tires, each wheel drive, non-separable components, and a multi-mode steering system, this rig is the right rig for tough, rough terrain.
We have capacities from 30 to 130 tons.

Team 1

Hydraulic truck cranes

These equipment are a strong combination, the base is a multi-axle truck, quite fast and quite strong, it can travel any distance on the road or within any facility without any problem; the upper part is a large-capacity, efficient and reliable hydraulic crane.
Our capacity ranges from 80 to 1200 tons.

Team 1

Structural cranes

These teams are the flagship of our Company as far as cranes are concerned, the lower part is metal tracks that guarantee great traction and stability even in the worst terrain conditions, they greatly help to give those large radius of reach that these cranes boast. The upper section is a structural boom crane formed by sections based on special steel tubes, which in the end results in a strong but at the same time light boom, this same design allows the wind to run through it, therefore that the lateral force is minimal.
We have capacities from 100 to 3000 tons.



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